Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to assist non-profit organizations or groups seeking to help those in need or who motivate children through sports, music and arts programs. Relomark is a conscious and responsible company concerned about our people, our environment and our surroundings.


Ecuador Earthquake Humanitarian Aid 2016

​An earthquake stroke the coastal region of Ecuador on April 16, 2016. Destroying a great part of the Manabí and Esmeraldas provinces. ​​Relomark ​​immediately contacted the pertinent authorities to organize shipping a container with humanitarian aid to assist the victims of this huge disaster. We managed to raise funds through food sale and monetary donations of two US-Ecuadorian business women (the president of Relomark and the president of a local construction company). By the end of April we had enough funds to send a 40' High Cube container and a 20' container. This container was loaded with humanitarian goods (provided by the residents of the Washington DC metropolitan area, including Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia and Delaware) on June 4th, 2016 at the Embassy/ Consulate of Ecuador in Washington, DC.

​We want to sincerely thank all the people involved in this project from food sale, donations and the volunteers who helped sort the goods, pack the boxes and last but not least, load the container which sailed on a vessel on June 13, 2016. We are very proud of our efforts throughout this entire time. Even though, the container is in route to Ecuador, we will still continue to assist in providing relief to those in need.

​A sincere thank you to all the staff at the Embassy/ Consulate of Ecuador in Washington DC, the Ecuadorian community in the Washington DC area and all the other people that assisted.

​Thank you all !

Peruvian Devastating Floods 2017


The Peruvian Community in the Washington DC metropolitan area worked together  to send humanitarian relief to those in need during the 2017 Peruvian Devastating Floods. Relomark assisted in providing the transportation for two 40ft containers at a very low cost to assist in the efforts of providing relief to those in need in Peru. We were very happy to see how everyone involved assisted with donations and monetary contributions to fulfill this dream and assist those in need.

Makos Swim Team 2018





We love to see our local children getting involved in sports. We were one of the proud sponsors of our local swim team.

Go Makos!