Mobility Services

Additional Services to complement your move

Temporary and Permanent Home Search

Moving overseas?  Are you searching for temporary or permanent accommodations? We have an extensive list of professionals worldwide that can assist you with finding your new temporary or permanent house, apartment, or condominium.

Airport Pick up
We can organize for airport pick up worldwide for you and your family. Our services can accommodate passengers and luggage.

School Search
Your children deserve the best education at the best schools in your new destination country.

Spouse Job Search
Moving overseas because of a job transfer? We can assist with employment programs for your spouse.

 Language Training

Habla Español?. Relomark has language training programs all over the world. English, Spanish, French, German and more.

​Cultural Immersion
We recognize the importance of familiarizing yourself to your new home country. This is why we offer familiarization trips and access to expatriates forums in your destination country. We will help you fit right in and feel right at home.

House Cleaning Services
Let us organize your move out and move in house cleaning services.

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A relocation is more than just moving your household goods.
We are here to help  with every step of your move. Relomark specializes in providing
moving services and mobility services

Contact us to obtain further details. 

Checklist of things that need to get done prior to your move


  1. Choose your destination
  2. Decide what and when you are planning on moving.
  3. Call Relomark to get a free estimate.
  4. Sign your proposal to embark in this new project with Relomark.
  5. Schedule a free home visit to obtain a proposal according to your personal needs.
  6. Start working on documents needed for your move.
  7. Check on visa or citizen requirements for your destination country if applicable.
  8. Purchase air tickets and call Relomark to organize airport drop off and temporary accommodation at your destination country.
  9. Donate or sell items you are not planning on taking to your new home. 
  10. Purchase additional items you are planning on taking, check with your move coordinator to make sure they are allowed at destination and to figure out if you still have available space in your shipping container.
  11. Obtain family, health, home, work and school records ahead of time. Keep them in a safe place and make sure they travel with you in your carry-on suitcase.
  12. Call all your utility companies, including cable provider and cell phone providers and make arrangements to get everything disconnected after your move day.
  13. Confirm al required documents have been sent to Relomark.
  14. Confirm travel arrangements.
  15. Pack your bags and make sure all travel documents are placed in a safe place prior to the move day.
  16. Make arrangements for a friend or babysitter to watch your children during the pack and load days.
  17. On the moving day.... RELAX! Let Relomark's staff handle the rest.